Tree Plantation

Lally Infosys a pioneer institute in IT and Management distributed saplings to students of Lally Infosys, team members and dignitaries with the expectation that the saplings would be planted, watered and looked after for at least 2 years after which the saplings grow on their own. On this occasion Mr. S.S Lally said Ideally saplings should be planted prior to monsoon since they do not need much care during monsoon. Tree plantation is important as they help us to keep ecological balance by supplying oxygen. But our trees and forests are not sufficient in proportion to our total land area. For good environment 33% land should be under the trees. Trees are responsible for precipitation if the do not plant trees, we kill the rivers .we kill the rain. We kill us. To preserve our environment we should plant more and more trees and ensure that they should grow good and proper. Trees help in reducing global warming .We should encourage other people for plantation in order to save our planet